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C1R review

Summary: C1R does a good, solid job in the gay PPV field. Their studio list features four prolific studios, their collection is pretty big, and the top video quality certainly did it for me. It's not HD, but it did show off the men in a good light.

Score 70.0 /100
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Tiffany, 2010-10-04

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In case you're curious like myself, C1R is Channel 1 Releasing. The name doesn't really have any particular meaning, but you'll figure it out soon enough with all the cock flying around. This gay video on demand site operates on a per minute basis, allowing you to buy exactly the amount of porn you want to watch.

The member's area is exactly the same as the tour, so you can browse around with the keyword search up top, and when you go to the on demand section you'll find that their latest releases are highlighted. You can browse by the four different studios that they have featured (Rascal Video, All Worlds Video, Catalina Video, and Dirk Yates), director (which isn't that common on VOD sites to sort by), and category. There's also a handy keyword list if you want to get real specific.


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I'm always up for checking out a new video on demand site. There are a few things I look for with a VOD setup. The first is whether there's a good size collection of videos to check out. C1R has 1,095 videos. The videos are not dated, but it's likely they're on a rather frequent update schedule, judging by the size of the collection.

Buying minutes is a straight forward process. The link to get more minutes is conveniently located on every page, and you get 7 different minute packages. Once you have purchased the minutes, they are added to your account. The video pages give you quite a bit of information about your selections. You have the DVD name, and then three options. You can buy the DVD, rent it for 2 days, or pay per minute. We're looking at the VOD aspect of C1R, so that's the part I'll go ahead and cover.

The studio is listed, as well as the director and cast list. You get a quick overview in the description, and a Flash trailer so you have an idea of what's going on. There are also a few screencaps, as well as pictures of all of the models. At the bottom of the page there are related titles that you might want to check out later.

You get a 720x480 Flash window that allows you to choose between high, medium, and low qualities. The high quality looks to have a bitrate of around 2 mbps, the medium is 1 mbps, and the low is 300 kbps. I wouldn't recommend going for the low, as it is very bad quality. No matter what your connection speed is, at least go for the medium. It's serviceable, and the high quality looks great. Production values vary from studio to studio, but in general you're getting what looks to be very professionally produced porn. There are many different niches, although the overall slant seems to be towards general gay hardcore. The four studios represented are Rascal Video, All Worlds Video, Catalina Video, and Dirk Yates. It's a pretty focused list compared to other PPV services, and that gives the site a flavor all its own.

Unlike many pay per view sites, they do offer photo galleries to go with their video selections. You can click on the gallery through the link next to the caps. These are small sets of around 30 pictures, and it turns out that they are not screencaps, but full photo shoots. That's rather more impressive given the video centric nature of the site. These do not require any VOD minutes, and are shown at 800x532.


C1R has a focused studio list, a good handful of niches, and a nice spread of video qualities. The prices seem to be on par with other VOD sites, and the selection is extensive as well. If you see something you like here, you won't have any problem getting your minutes and enjoying every second of it.


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