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The gay hardcore category has all sorts of gay porn action, and the only thing it needs to be is hot and heavy. You'll see plenty of lusty men getting their rocks off in all sorts of ways, whether they just want to get a great blowjob, or they're in the mood to have their fuck holes filled up with dripping cum.

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  • Naked Kombat screenshot
    Naked Kombat
    Date: 2018-05-13

    Summary: Take muscular, well trained, and hunky guys, throw them into the ring at Kink, and what happens is Naked Kombat. These guys know how to wrestle, and the fact that they end up pretty much naked shows you just how erotic it can be. This is an incredibly well done site that offers superior quality and camera work, and plenty of updates to keep you hooked.

  • Boy Fun Collection screenshot
    Boy Fun Collection
    Date: 2018-05-05

    Summary: There are so many twink and gay amateur sites out there that it makes me want to scream sometimes – but Boy Fun Collection makes it all better. This is THE go to site for those gay porn niches, and you are going to have to check it out at least once. They do everything right, the collection is almost all exclusive, and daily updates mean that you will never, ever get bored.

  • Bad Puppy screenshot
    Bad Puppy
    Date: 2010-04-14

    Summary: Bad Puppy doesn't win awards for its megasite for no reason - there are so many reasons to sign up for this site. The collection is gigantic, the contributor sites are great, and you'll find that you'll be a member at Bad Puppy for a long long time.

  • Video Box Men screenshot
    Video Box Men
    Date: 2009-09-03

    Summary: Videobox Men has over five thousand scenes, a great interface, daily updates, and top notch quality. It's one of the few gay sites out there that I can't find a damn thing to complain about, and it's also one of the few that I find myself visiting every day. If you're looking for one of the best deals and one of the best gay sites out there, you need to stop by here and take a look.

  • Blacks on Boys screenshot
    Blacks on Boys
    Date: 2018-05-14

    Summary: Blacks on Boys is a wild, crazy, and above all hot gay interracial site. These white boys have no idea just how much dick they're going to have to take in these fuck fests, but after they're done you can see the smiles on their faces. Decent quality videos and a large collection make this a must see gay interracial site, and the bonus gay site helps too.

  • Boy Napped screenshot
    Boy Napped
    Date: 2018-05-07

    Summary: In the mood for some great gay BDSM fetish action? Then you're going to love Boy Napped. This is the only gay BDSM site that divides things up between light and dark BDSM, and the collection size is great. It does tend more towards the dark side of things, so you'll get the most out of this site if you want the really intense stuff. Finally, the quality is great and you get a pretty good set of bonuses.

  • Black Boy Addictionz screenshot
    Black Boy Addictionz
    Date: 2018-05-06

    Summary: Black Boy Addictionz is an amateur black gay porn site that is going to impress you at every level. The content is entertaining and hot, the webmaster is involved in every part of the site from running it to being in the videos, and the bonus network is a great addition as well.

  • Thug Orgy screenshot
    Thug Orgy
    Date: 2018-05-06

    Summary: If you're looking for something different in your ebony gay porn collection, you're going to want to turn to Thug Orgy. Instead of the same old, same old, you're getting treated to groupsex, gangbangs, and orgies galore. It's hot as hell, and the photography and camera work are both top notch, adding to your enjoyment.

  • Chaos Men screenshot
    Chaos Men
    Date: 2018-05-05

    Summary: Chaos Men might sound like an odd name, but these lusty, manly gay amateurs are going to knock your socks off. The content quality is excellent, they have a great site setup, and the collection is gigantic. There's no reason not to join this site.

  • Bound in Public screenshot
    Bound in Public
    Date: 2010-12-28

    Summary: Bound in Public has just launched with one hell of a bang. This small and growing site focuses on gay public bondage, a combination that is completely original. The scenarios are intense, the quality is amazing quality, and weekly updates will keep this site growing strong.

  • Gay Hot Movies screenshot
    Gay Hot Movies
    Date: 2010-11-04

    Summary: If you're looking for one of the hottest, largest gay porn depositories you're going to want to check out Gay Hot Movies. This pay per view gay video site is one of the best around, with a massive amount of videos, user friendly features, and so many viewing options that it's going to make your head spin.

  • Cock Access screenshot
    Cock Access
    Date: 2010-10-31

    Summary: Cock Access features 5 popular gay sites for the price of 1. There's gay pornstars, twinks, bears, mature men, and even Latinos making their way across your computer screen. There are a few problems with the network, but overall the quality is great and the frequent updates will keep you busy.

  • Wank Off World screenshot
    Wank Off World
    Date: 2010-10-16

    Summary: Wank Off World might sound like it's just going to be a gay masturbation site, but it turns out that that's just a convenient name to hold thousands of videos and galleries featuring every niche of gay porn that you could like. There's a very bare bones feel to the site, which they did on purpose in order to make it easy to get around. The main complaints that I have is a lack of a search feature, along with some low quality videos in some of the niche sections. Other than that, this is a stellar site that you can't miss.

  • Freshman X screenshot
    Freshman X
    Date: 2010-10-15

    Summary: Freshman X will take you back to your college days, checking out all of the guys going to their sexual explorations. They offer HD videos, updates 6 days a week, and plenty of viewing options. It's a good site to check out the amateur guys in all sorts of guy next door looks, and you'll have a large collection to wander through.

  • Men Hard At Work screenshot
    Men Hard At Work
    Date: 2010-10-12

    Summary: Men Hard at Work shows how these hunky pornstars let off steam at the office. They're fucking on the desks, in storage closets, on the floor, in the break room – anywhere they can get five minutes to themselves and a willing partner. This is part of Naughty America's Suite 703 gay network, and it looks to live up to the NA name with great quality content and plenty of big name gay pornstars.

  • Next Door Pass screenshot
    Next Door Pass
    Date: 2010-10-05

    Summary: Take 8 of the hottest exclusive amateur gay sites out there, and offer them for one price. If you think that sounds like a winner, you're looking at a site that did just that. Next Door Pass features all of the Next Door Studio offerings, and you'll get to enjoy each and every one of these sites. The network setup itself is a bit odd, but it won't detract too much from your browsing experience.

  • Gay Asian Amateurs screenshot
    Gay Asian Amateurs
    Date: 2010-09-02

    Summary: Gay Asian Amateurs shows off many different types of Asians,from the twinks to the body builders and everyone in between. With a large collection and HD videos they blow most other Asian sites out of the water, and they seal the deal by offering access to their other well done gay Asian efforts.

  • HDK Central screenshot
    HDK Central
    Date: 2010-08-26

    Summary: HDK Central combines super hot masculine men with a collection that will overwhelm even the biggest porn junky. This studio site combines all of their individual properties into an easy to use network hub, and you'll be able to enjoy every last bit of these men in good quality videos and great looking photos.

  • Dirty Tony screenshot
    Dirty Tony
    Date: 2010-07-26

    Summary: Dirty Tony is the type of site that you just love to hang out at – it has a very great content base, a site owner that shows that he cares about every little detail by giving you great videos and a decent set of options to check them out with, and the variety of amateurs will keep you popping back in for the frequent updates.

  • Suite 703 screenshot
    Suite 703
    Date: 2010-04-27

    Summary: Suite 703 will keep you happy with four different gay sites, a good sized collection, and amazing quality HD porn. There are a ton of different video options so you can choose the perfect one for you, and the photos look great as well. This is a solidly put together site that really shows off Naughty America's expertise.

  • Amateur Canadian Guys screenshot
    Amateur Canadian Guys
    Date: 2010-04-20

    Summary: Amateur Canadian Guys takes you into the world of this pansexual Canadian nightclub, and you are going to love every minute of it. There's nothing quite like seeing these guys getting into their performances, and there's something for everyone in this massive collection. The quality isn't the best, but you aren't going to mind that once they get their dicks swinging.

  • Jake Cruise screenshot
    Jake Cruise
    Date: 2010-04-10

    Summary: Jake Cruise is your average middle aged man, but he has a not so average secret - he gets all sorts of hot guys in the bedroom, and he well and truly loves fucking the hell out of them. This is one of the most authentic amateur sites I have ever gotten the chance to review, and a large collection and good quality overall makes it that much sweeter for me.

  • Vintage Gay Male screenshot
    Vintage Gay Male
    Date: 2010-03-26

    Summary: Feeling nostalgic? Then maybe you're in the mood for some vintage gay porn - and Vintage Gay Male does an excellent job at making sure that you get exactly what you want. Although it suffers from some organization issues and a few broken links, overall you're going to love the main site, and the Bad Puppy network delivers on any modern porn that you might be craving.

  • Sex Gaymes screenshot
    Sex Gaymes
    Date: 2010-03-18

    Summary: Hot and hunky men get nasty in all sorts of situations, but favor the pool, the gym, and anywhere else they can work out right after - now that sounds like a fun time to me. Sex Gaymes features well built men of all types to catch your interest, and a large collection allows you to indulge yourself every which way. The organization could use a bit of work, and the site does have DRM, but there's not much to complain about in general.

  • Rear Stable screenshot
    Rear Stable
    Date: 2010-03-16

    Summary: Rear Stable features a variety of hardcore gay action, from the mundane to the insane. These sexy studs are all pornstars, and they're always horny. The Raging Stallion crew is behind this one, and you're going to love every hardcore laden minute of it. The collection is huge, the extras are great, and the content looks fucking hot.

  • Xtra Inches screenshot
    Xtra Inches
    Date: 2010-03-15

    Summary: Xtra Inches brings you all of the big dick gay guys that you have been dreaming about, whether you're after amateur or pornstar dick. The site is user friendly and well designed, and you're getting plenty of content for your money.

  • Toddy Live screenshot
    Toddy Live
    Date: 2010-02-17

    Summary: Toddy Live features a cute hunk amateur named Toddy that spends plenty of time in front of his webcam. Although the live shows are offsite, you get hundreds of his videos featuring cum shots, workouts, and more. Better yet, many of the videos are in HD and they look fucking incredible. Add to that the Bad Puppy network and you aren't going to mind the small problems here and there.

  • Men Over 30 screenshot
    Men Over 30
    Date: 2010-02-02

    Summary: There aren't enough good gay mature sites out there, so I was thrilled to see that Men Over 30 really did the niche justice. These hunky DILFs get shown off in some of the highest quality gay porn that I've ever seen, and on top of that a weekly update brings more exclusive old hotties to your computer. It's great all around for mature gay porn lovers.

  • Extra Big Dicks screenshot
    Extra Big Dicks
    Date: 2018-05-13

    Summary: You're going to be pleasantly surprised by all of the HD porn that they have hiding in here, wrapped up in a 1999 design. The cocks all look nicely long and (more importantly) they have a girth that will make your ass pucker. If you are into big dick gay porn, this is well worth your time.

  • Butch Dixon screenshot
    Butch Dixon
    Date: 2017-01-05

    Summary: Butch Dixon is run by a webmaster/photographer who really knows his stuff. His men are muscle bound, hairy or both and the content quality is utterly breathtaking. You’re getting a lot of content in the main collection, frequent updates and one of the best muscle bound and bear sites around.

  • Broke Straight Boys screenshot
    Broke Straight Boys
    Date: 2018-05-14

    Summary: Broke Straight Boys turns these straight guys into cock sucking bottoms that are learning what it's like to be at the receiving end of some dick. A massive collection and fast update schedule give you plenty to occupy yourself with, and the content is pretty good quality overall.

  • Circle Jerk Boys screenshot
    Circle Jerk Boys
    Date: 2018-05-13

    Summary: Circle Jerk Boys might not make a good first impression, but once you get into the meat of the site you're going to be satisfied, fulfilled, and eager for more. Beautiful HD videos draw you into the action that these horny experimenting hunks are enjoying, and the weekly updates will allow this collection to keep on growing for quite some time.

  • Hot Older Male screenshot
    Hot Older Male
    Date: 2018-05-13

    Summary: When you want older men, you won't go wrong with Hot Older Male. This is a great gay DILF and silver daddy site that gives you plenty of quality and quantity. It's hard to resist the experience of these older men, and when you see them fucking you're going to fall in love.

  • Next Door Buddies screenshot
    Next Door Buddies
    Date: 2018-05-13

    Summary: Next Door Buddies has apparently found a neighborhood filled with damn fine, toned men that are perfectly fine with sharing their fuck sessions on camera. This polished site has plenty to keep you busy with, and an extensive bonus network that brings you the best in gay porn.

  • Hard Brit Lads screenshot
    Hard Brit Lads
    Date: 2018-05-07

    Summary: Hard Brit Lads introduces you to the many different type of gay guys who call Britain their home, and they're happy to be taking their clothes off for you. These lusty guys all share big dicks and the sexual stamina to use them, with a variety of action letting you see the guys in many different fuck forms. Check this one out if you love good gay amateur porn or British men.

  • Bear Films screenshot
    Bear Films
    Date: 2018-05-06

    Summary: Bear Films takes you on a journey with real men – husky guys covered in their bear hair. These men aren't going to be shaved or waxed ever, and they're all the more hotter because of it. This site features a large collection of bear action, and the only real complaint is with the technical quality of the videos. They're streaming only and could use a resolution increase.

  • Daddy Mugs screenshot
    Daddy Mugs
    Date: 2011-01-27

    Summary: Daddy Mugs is an enjoyable romp featuring an older, 40 something man who is plowing through plenty of 20 year old asses. You aren't limited to watching an older man with twinks either. Instead Daddy is going far and wide for his sexual tastes, picking up all sorts of guys to share his bed and heart with. This personality filled amateur site features quality and quantity, more than enough to keep you

  • Guys Get Fucked screenshot
    Guys Get Fucked
    Date: 2010-11-26

    Summary: Guys Get Fucked is a unique and well done representation of pegging and other femdom on male fetishes. However, there’s a few aspects to the site that really brings it down. The content quality is the major one there, because while the action is hot the resolution is rather low. It’s not unwatchable but it would have been enhanced with slightly better quality. The second is the navigation, which really just doesn’t exist on this site.

  • Men at Play screenshot
    Men at Play
    Date: 2010-10-30

    Summary: Men At Play takes you to these masculine guys after they've had a long day at work. Instead of just sitting down with some video games, they start stripping out of their suits to reveal rock hard bodies. A large collection is split between solo and hardcore action, and the frequent updates will never leave you hanging.

  • Club Dean screenshot
    Club Dean
    Date: 2010-10-26

    Summary: Club Dean gives you a look into the world of Dean Coxx, whether he's getting his dick sucked by a hunkilicious piece of meat or in the mood for some silly solo action. His personality comes through in each and every scene, and he also makes sure to provide some really good quality material.

  • On The Hunt screenshot
    On The Hunt
    Date: 2010-10-20

    Summary: Gay pornstars hunt down amateur hunks, film them fucking, and even join in occasionally. It's an interesting concept that forms the basis of On The Hunt, and it's executed perfectly. The content is extremely entertaining and hot, with good quality and a large collection.

  • College Dudes screenshot
    College Dudes
    Date: 2010-10-18

    Summary: College Boys doesn't feature dorm room cams or anything like that – instead it's a college amateur site that features 18-21 year olds getting themselves into plenty of solo and hardcore action. The collection is large with frequent updates, and while it doesn't make a great first impression it ends up being solid overall.

  • Drake Cameron screenshot
    Drake Cameron
    Date: 2010-10-11

    Summary: Put two photographers together, named Drake and Cameron, let them loose to find the hottest amateur men around, and then have them film their explorations in HD. What you get is a great gay porn site that focuses on quality over quantity, but gives you a bit enough collection that you're not going to be bored anytime soon.

  • BelAmi Online screenshot
    BelAmi Online
    Date: 2010-10-11

    Summary: BelAmi is a studio that just gets what it takes to be successful online. There are many different user friendly features, as well as a collection that is growing at a rather steady pace. The HD videos are looking good, and even the photo sets are an excellent choice.

  • Gay Ultra screenshot
    Gay Ultra
    Date: 2010-10-01

    Summary: Gay Ultra is a new gay hardcore DVD site that features many different types of gay porn along with a plethora of porn studios. This site features one very user friendly interface and a ton of DVDs given that it's just launched. Daily updates are growing this site at a rapid pace, and I can't wait to see where it is a year from now.

  • Twinks screenshot
    Date: 2010-09-28

    Summary: has pretty much the name for twink porn, and they make it proud. There are a ton of different twinks, and it's not the same talent pool that every other damn twink site uses. Then you'll find that they spend a lot of time on making their content look great, and you'll get updates almost constantly. It's a real winner and you should make sure to check it out right away.

  • Miami Boyz screenshot
    Miami Boyz
    Date: 2010-09-27

    Summary: Miami Boyz features more Latinos than you can shake a stick at, and so many of them are exclusive amateurs. There's nothing quite like seeing these straight guys jerking it, while the bi and gay guys just take on some Latino ass. It could use some additional navigation features, but while the presentation is dated the content is muy caliente.

  • HDK Fisting screenshot
    HDK Fisting
    Date: 2010-09-22

    Summary: HDK Fisting is in your face hardcore, with guys that are taking fists all the way up to their elbows. You'll need to be completely into the niche to really appreciate this one, and if you are there's no better site to check out. A large collection, bonus sites, and frequent updates make HDK Fisting great.

  • CMNM screenshot
    Date: 2010-09-16

    Summary: CMNM stands for clothed male nude male, and it gives you an idea of what to expect. These horny businessmen are in a perverted powertrip over every worker that they get their hands on. They strip these straight boys down, plug all manner of toys and fingers up their asses and give them handjobs until they are forced to cum. The video quality and viewing options could be better but the actual content is so hot that you aren't going to mind. The site is a bit pricey, however.

  • Big Dik Factory screenshot
    Big Dik Factory
    Date: 2010-09-08

    Summary: If you're a HD video junkie you might not be a gigantic fan of Big Dik Factory, but what they lack in video quality they make up for in content quality. There is real passion in these videos, as well as a webmaster that seems to really get what the gay big dick fan is looking for. On top of that, you have some really quirky features like the farts and the vintage porn stuff that keeps things interesting.

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Total 198 reviews